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Targeting Bloggers in SocialSpark

One of the things that advertisers requested the most in our customer experience survey was the desire to target individual bloggers or groups of blogs quickly and easily. I believe that SocialSpark will provide you with that flexibility. Below is a quick rundown of how an advertiser might target in SocialSpark.

Browse Blogs and Bloggers
Many components of SocialSpark are open and exposed to everyone. You have the ability to browse through our blog and blogger database and sort by a variety of filters. You call also use the search feature to locate blogs and bloggers that contain certain keywords or tags.

SocialSpark browse blogs

Add to Blog Roll
Once you have located a blog you like you can add it to one of your Blog Rolls. Think of Blog Rolls as sets of blogs that you want to target.You can have as many Blog Rolls as you like, creating multiple groups for targeting on different campaigns.

SocialSpark Add to Blog Roll

Add to Street Team
In the same way you can add a blog to a Blog Roll you can add a blogger to a Street Team. Street Teams target bloggers, while Blog Rolls target blogs. If you create an opportunity that targets a Street Team any of the blogs registered and claimed under that blogger can take the Opp.

SocialSpark Street Teams

Once you have built your lists using Blog Rolls or Street Teams you can target your Opps to just those people.

SocialSpark Create Opp

I am extremely excited about these features and can't wait to start using the tool myself!

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Clement Nyirenda said...

When is SocialSpark arriving? You told us January 2008.I am tired of waiting.

Mar 6, 2008 9:32:20 AM

SEMcents said...

Give us more please. I can take it.
Give us more please. I can take it.
Give us more please. I can take it.

Mar 6, 2008 4:28:03 PM

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