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You speak... we listen

The first three weeks of SocialSpark have been absolutely amazing. We have broken every benchmark we set with launch of PayPerPost and then some. Blogger and Advertiser reception has been strong, but I also want to acknowledge that we have a long way to go and there is much room for improvement.

One of the biggest complaints that we have had is about blog sponsorships. Specifically, bloggers were complaining that the bottom bar was too big and the SocialSpark branding was too prominent. That will change with tomorrow's release. We have shortened the height of the sponsorship bar and made the SocialSpark branding less visible. Here is the before:

Old Sponsorship bar.

And here is the after:

New Sponsorship Bar

We have reduced the bar by 22 pixels which allows for more content on smaller monitors while still putting the advertiser front and center. We always have to balance the desires of advertisers with bloggers and readers, I think this is a great solution.

The other request we had was the ability to require or not require the interstitial (which we call the blog welcome). This feature has been part of SocialSpark for some time, but not every advertiser may know this. You set that feature on the first page of the create blog sponsorship page, section 3.

create blog sponsorship

I hope you all like the new bar. Keep the feedback coming!

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PK said...

Hello! Not sure if it's ok to write here - I'm about if you'd ever tried to change password there - you'd see it cursing like "you forgot to point street address!" (?!) and "wrong city!" (?!!!) - I've tryed to submit support ticket but your support system looks like it cries "gtfo!" (pardon me - but it's true)

Could you please fix PPP? This error with password is there for like 2 months already.

Thanks and good luck! =)

May 7, 2008 5:47:38 PM

Carri said...

Hi PK,

This is not actually a bug or an error. Before you can update or change any information in your account, the system checks to make sure all of your current information is complete.

You can add the missing address information to your account by clicking on the 'my address' button underneath your photo on your dashboard.

Once this has been added, you should have no further trouble resetting your password.

May 7, 2008 5:58:40 PM

Semcents said...

The site looks fantastic.

Not much jobs to post??? :(

It is fun to talk and meet others/

May 7, 2008 6:00:36 PM

techie said...

I love the blog sponsorships and these changes are good. Here's my other suggestions for them:

-Give bloggers an automated method to take the blog sponsorship that pays the most each day. Basically automate this task for us. Of course, this would also mean you need to give us a way to block blog sponsorships that we think are inappropriate for our blog.
-Allow a blog to take the same sponsorship again if the initial time frame is gone (ie. I take a sponsorship for 3 days and then after 3 days I should be able to extend the sponsorship if the advertiser still has slots available). Currently it won't let you do this.
-Sign up more blog sponsorships. I think they're a great way to make money blogging. I hope that they monetize well for advertisers.

I've seen a bunch of little bugs throughout the site, but I'm too tired to detail them all. Plus, I'm a little less motivated to post them when some of the ones I sent in previously still aren't fixed.

May 8, 2008 2:02:53 AM

MyGoodFinds said...

Hi Ted,
Thanks for this opportunity to let us speak up. I'm a big supporter of PayPerPost/Izea and I believe the SocialSpark is a very innovative idea .

I'm sure that you have been reading the comments on the opportunities. I can't understand the point why the offer amounts differ from day to day. I signed up for a $27.50 opportunity and I get a note from the Customer Love that the opportunity is waiting for me at $5.50. Quite a big drop. It's not really cool to tease us with an attractive offer and then switch to a less desirable one.

May 8, 2008 10:52:27 AM

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