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As you know, we recently started a quality assessment on the blogs in our network. We're focussing on PayPerPost right now since that's where the majority of the blogs are registered.

We have a mass of blogs to work through so if you have a blog registered in the system that you no longer use it would be a great help if you could log in and delete it. Just log into the system in the usual way, click on My Blogs and then click the Delete link next to any defunct blogs you no longer use within the system.

Many thanks.

UPDATE: Scratch that - Some people very kindly pointed out to me the delete link only exists if the blog is not approved. The reason for this, I've found out, is that deleting blogs with pending payments/posts etc could cause some serious problems. I'll get a change in place to manage this on Monday.

IN the meantime if you have a blog you want removed drop an email to me (pete) at and I'll get them taken care of manually.


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luke said...

Once a blog gets approved the delete tab goes away. Well for me it does anyways. Always thought it was odd.

Sep 6, 2008 2:28:06 PM

Jules said...

There isn't a DELETE link.

Sep 6, 2008 3:16:44 PM

Peter Wright said...

Well, doesn't that make me feel stupid. You're right. I actually told Ted there wasn't a Delete link, then I saw that there was, but you're right in that it's only there until the blog is approved.

I'l get a change logged on that and in place on Monday.

Sep 6, 2008 4:58:22 PM

jolene said...

erm my blog hasn't even been approved. like the whole blog itself. it has been erm quite some time. is there a problem with it? D:

Sep 8, 2008 10:59:33 AM

Maxoderm said...

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