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More information on the Blog Audit

As many of you know, we are currently in the midst of performing a blog audit, in which we are examining each and every blog within our system. We realize this might be a scary process for you to be experiencing and that you may be wondering what it is we will be looking for.

Actually, it really is quite simple. We want high quality bloggers who have the highest standards for their own blogs. We want bloggers who maintain their blogs on a regular basis and who write about things they are interested in, things they love and things that others want to know about. Basically we want bloggers who have blogs that others want to read.

We want you to please take a look at your blog and think about the reader who is viewing it. Would someone who doesn't know you want to read what you have to say?  Think about an advertiser and what they would think when they land on your blog. Would they want to advertise on your blog? Would the product they are promoting relate to the theme of your blog? Think about the balance between ads, sponsored posts and unique content. Does it feel like you are spending more time writing sponsored posts than original ones that relate to your blog? Does your blog feel more like a set of annoying commercials or more like an intriguing TV program? If we fast forwarded through all your ads, what would be left? Anything interesting that is actually worth reading? Honestly, if it feels like your blog is maintained solely for making money then we won't want to read it and an advertiser won't want to advertise on it.

We want to be a part of your lives just as much as we want you to be a part of ours. Therefore, we want to read about the egg carton caterpillar that your 3 year old made today, or about the website you found that allows you to find the best deals on toilet paper in all of Orange County, or even about the weekend trip you took to Ben & Jerry's in Vermont! And our advertisers want that too!!! We are asking that you please make your blog personal, meaningful and a reflection of yourself. The more pride you take in your blog the more likely you are to pass our quality standards.

Remember to keep yourself up to date on our Terms of Service.  Many of the details we're looking at now are already addressed there.  If your blog does not meet our standards your blog will most likely be rejected. Unfortunately once your blog is rejected, your blog will not be eligible for resubmitting. We will continue to review any outstanding posts you've submitted, and you will be paid on those that are approved.

The blog audit is something we must do to ensure that the best bloggers possible reside within our Network, and the audit is something that we'll likely continue to do in the future. Please keep these things in mind while we continue on with the audit process and we appreciate your understanding.

Please note**
If we receive any indication that you no longer want your blog to be associated with our Network, whether through board posts, tickets, blog posts, etc. we will take that as your permission to reject your blog.


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Susan said...

Hi Annie,

I guess I am a bit confused at this point, but I am trying to understand, along with many other posties, I am sure. My posts on my blog are almost always personal and deal with the events in my life. If there are posts that have links, they were worked in along with my posts, not as blatant advertisement unless of course it was at the request of an advertiser or PPP.

Otherwise my blog is about my life, my teens and our relationships, their triumphs and pitfalls, my love interest, things I love to do, goals I want to accomplish, my family and its sorrow and joys, the ideas, frustrations, and hope in the different journeys in all of our lives as a family. So, I am not sure what I needed to do differently. I'm hoping that at least one of my blogs will remain in good standing.

That said, if a blog is rejected, do we remove the badges like the one that says " ... get paid to blog about the things you love! ... payperpost"? What about the posts that have been paid, what do we do with them? Since my posts are based around my life and the events in it, I'm not interested in deleting them. What I'd like to know is, do you want us to disable the links? If so, is there a time factor involved as to when it can be disabled? I thought I remembered that we had to have them up for at least a year? Or was it the lifetime of the blog? I don't remember ... CRS you know? Please let us know asap ;)

Still hanging in there by a blog ... LOL! Thanks for your time and attention to answer my questions. :)

Sep 9, 2008 9:02:34 PM

V said...

Hiya Susan,

Great questions and thanks for putting them out in the open! To answer your questions, if a blog is rejected, remember that it doesn't mean that your blog is bad- it just means it doesn't fit the quality standards we're looking for. If you would like to remove your badges, that's up to you.

Regarding the paid posts, this is exactly our point. If the sponsored posts you choose fall in line with the regular topics of your blog and appeal to your audience, and present relevant information to your readers, then why would remove them? If they fit your blog, then you have chosen your opps wisely and they benefit your readers, I would leave them be. Now, to clarify, you do not need to disable any links and there is no time factor involved, aside from keeping the link live for 30 days, after which, you are paid.

Hope this helped!

Sep 10, 2008 10:21:29 AM

tedmurphy said...

I would like to add that you can still have a quality blog without possessing the qualities that our current advertisers are interested in. For instance, if you have a blog that is filled with "babes" or touchy political subjects you may not be a fit for us.

Sep 10, 2008 11:37:25 AM

V said...


Sep 10, 2008 2:18:43 PM

Mrs. Mecomber said...

Thank you! This post is very helpful.

Sep 10, 2008 4:37:56 PM

Michelle Gartner said...

I really find this whole blog audit thing vague and disconcerting. I see Ted has posted that political talk and babes can get one booted from the program, but my blog got booted from the program and I received no reason why? I also received a rather general email back saying that they would not do a "re-audit" of blogs. I think that bloggers could at least get a personalized statement why, if they are left clueless as to why they got the boot. In my case my blog is PR 3- regularly updated, has several hundreds of visitors a week, and is about a topic as benign as vintage junk. I really feel for some of these bloggers who get unceremoniously dumped and don't get a reason as to why or even a chance to rectify.

BTW- a blog of mine still qualifies, and I take opps on it, however it is PR 0 and not really as high of quality as my other vintage blog in my opinion.

I really disheartened by how Pay Per Post has gone about their blog audit. That's just my two cents.

Sep 10, 2008 9:57:40 PM

good grief said...

@tedmurphy: So you're never going to accept money from "babe" or political advertisers ... any more? Right! I understand this latest push to offer advertisers a source of quality blogs. How else can you successfully fulfill PPP's business model? But I also understand that you've programmed your company into a corner with the focus on java script code. Most of us have caught on that even when a LiveJournal blog exceeds your quality standards, it's still going to get the ax. It would be more honest if you came out and simply said that you only accept specifical hosted blogs.

@Anne: This is a good post. Thank you for taking the time to write it. Your last paragraph is especially thought provoking. It reads as though any constructive criticism of PPP will be used to reject blogs. Does this mean we have to add a disclaimer now "opinions stated are not meant as permission to reject my blog"?

Sep 10, 2008 9:58:43 PM

Susan said...

Hello Veronique & Ted,

Thanks for the responses and answers to my questions. :) As far as the badges that are used to get someone to sign up and become a blogger for PPP, if we leave them in place (with the unique url) do we get the $15 should that person's blog be accepted and they successfully post and get paid? Is it null and void because it is generated by our blog that has the "thumbs down" symbol on it, or will it still apply to our remaining "thumbs up" blogs?

:) I was going to say just one more question when I began my response but I realized that for me, it's never just one more question ... LOL! ;)

Thanks again for your time and attention to answer my questions. :)

Sep 10, 2008 10:00:57 PM

Cakmeacyinine said...

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