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September Blogger with a Cause
September Blogger with a Cause

I discovered this month's "Blogger with a Cause" while cruising the Internet, waiting to board a plane. I can't recall where I was or even where I was heading, but I do remember this blog. It stuck with me for several reasons, most importantly being that "What's Up with Nick" is a blog authored by a mother, documenting her son's lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis.

It seems the blog was originally started by said mother as a means to communicate--as so many are--with friends and family and keep them informed of her son, Nick, and his progress. Of course we know blogs can reach many, many people and "What's Up with Nick" has grown to be much more than what was intended.

One of my favorite things about this blog is its use of being an education portal. Just look at the top of the right sidebar of any page and you'll see 10 links out to sites that provide information, insight, and advice on coping with Cystic Fibrosis.

Here's a screenshot of part of the "What's Up with Nick" homepage:

What’s Up with Nick (September "Blogger with a Cause")

Please visit the "What's Up with Nick" by clicking here, and "Help Fight Cystic Fibrosis." And don't forget you can share any "for cause" blogs you run across by e-mailing us at charity[at]izea[dot]com.

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Robin Griffin said...

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH ASHLEY!! I am so honored to be your Blogger with a Cause for September! I do hope that people all over the world will become more familiar with cystic fibrosis and that one day soon we can say we have a cure and all our worries will be nothing compared to today's. If just one person is touched or helped or inspired by What's Up With Nick, then I have accomplished my goal.

Thank you again!

Sep 14, 2008 1:32:12 PM

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