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Soccer v. Football

What is the deal with that, anyway?  Why do we know it as 'soccer,' when the sport is far older and globally accepted as 'football?'  Well, turns out that 'soccer' is short for 'association football,' weird right?  It was meant to be distinguished from 'rugby football.'  According to my internet sources, it was university slang written 'socca' in 1889 and then 'socker' in 1891.  It finally became 'soccer' in 1895.  Now you know.

Soccer is very strange because it seems that every little kid joins a soccer league when they're young- I know I played for years!  However, it's not very popular here, in the states.  When I visit my cousins in El Salvador, they wear soccer jerseys like they were Michael Jordan basketball jerseys.  Does anybody think it's become more popular now that David Beckham joined the LA Galaxy?  Does he even play?  Does anybody know?

Hmm...anyway, soccer is so fun to play, and really fun to watch, too.  If you get bored watching soccer, next time there is a goal, try to yell longer than the announcer.  That makes it fun.  And, if you're not too keen on going ouside, but still want to get your soccer on, you should check out a new opp in SocialSpark located here. It's the first virtual football world called Football Superstars, at CyberSportsWorld.

I love this part about Football Superstars,

As well as playing football, players can spend time pandering to the paparazzi to improve their celebrity rating, show off their unique sense of style in bars, clubs and restaurants or improve their fitness at any one of a number of gyms and sports centres to get the edge over their competition.

It's like The Sims meets Madden!  Basically, you as a player start off with limited playing skills and money, but then you gain ratings and form clubs.  The game looks so neat, and uses really awesome technology to enhance game play, such as the ability to talk to your team mates via 3D positional voice technology.  If only for the love of David Beckham, I would try to play this game.  You know what would be a fun match- IZEA v Posties.  What do you think?  Of course you're familiar with our killer flag football skills, it would be no contest!



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Crystal said...

I love David Beckham... he's so dreamy...

...Wait, I mean, this game looks awesome - what a great Opp!

Sep 2, 2008 3:20:31 PM

Heather in Beautiful BC said...

Well now, never mind flag football, I'd be up for touch football with Izea if you had David Beckham on your team... of course he could outrun me though :(

Sep 2, 2008 6:42:47 PM

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