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May 30, 2007

PayPerPost Empowers Professional Bloggers to Securely Cut Their Own Blog Sponsorship Deals

PayPerPost Direct disrupts the industry PayPerPost created with a widget that enables bloggers and advertisers to complete direct transaction outside of its own marketplace.

ORLANDO, FL - PayPerPost, the leading marketplace for advertisers to engage bloggers and other consumer content creators, today announced it has released PayPerPost Direct, a powerful new point-of-sale (POS) transaction widget. The widget allows all bloggers to conduct business directly with advertisers who are interested in having sponsored content created on a specific blog. The widget expands upon PayPerPost's existing model that allows Bloggers to write about an advertisers product, service or website in exchange for a fee.

"There is a segment of bloggers and advertisers that would prefer to transact directly with each other," explained Ted Murphy, chief executive officer of PayPerPost. "Advertisers promoting niche products and services often want to transact with specific professional bloggers, while professional bloggers want to set their own price and create a lower volume of sponsored content at the highest dollar value per post. PayPerPost Direct empowers both parties to do so in framework that is safe and structured for buyer and seller."

PayPerPost Direct is offered via a POS widget that can be customized to fit the style and design of any blog. When an Advertiser sees the PayPerPost Direct widget on a blog they would like to sponsor they can quickly define a sponsored post offering within the blog itself. The widget then transmits that offer to the blogger, allowing them to accept, reject or negotiate different terms. Once terms are agreed and a sponsorship offer is accepted, PayPerPost Direct facilitates the financial transaction for each party in exchange for a one-time 10% service fee -- providing each party with a useful negotiation and tracking platform, and confidence the other party will perform.

"PayPerPost's industry leading marketplace remains the most cost effective way to execute large scale blogosphere outreach campaigns simultaneously across thousands of blogs. However, our goal is to connect every blogger and advertiser no matter how small or targeted the campaign," stated Murphy. PayPerPost Direct utilizes the same account logins and backend systems as the standard marketplace, allowing advertisers to easily create diversified campaign strategies that target individual blogs or multiple blogs within a specific blog category such as electronics. The widget further enhances the functionality already provided in the core marketplace that allows advertisers to target by Alexa, Technorati and Google ranks.

"This is an incredible tool for professional bloggers looking to monetize their site with sponsored content," commented Andy Beard of "Going direct allows the blogger to maximize the revenue they earn for each post. With PayPerPost Direct I estimate I would have earned at least an additional $2,000 since March." Competitors to the PayPerPost marketplace markup each post 50 to 100 percent, keeping as much as half of the post value created by the blogger. PayPerPost Direct's 10% fee is negligible in comparison and designates a far greater portion of proceeds to be given directly to the blogger. "PPP Direct puts power in the hands of professional bloggers to make more, while sponsors actually spend less, resulting in a win-win for all," said Murphy.

Bloggers can signup to be a part of PayPerPost Direct at

About PayPerPost:

PayPerPost is the leading marketplace for Consumer Generated Advertising. The PayPerPost platform connects advertisers with bloggers and other consumer content creators in order to develop and distribute compelling content throughout the blogoshpere and social networks. Advertisers compensate bloggers to promote their products, services and websites, providing bloggers with a way to monetize their blog and traffic unlike ever before. The company is backed by prominent investors including, Inflexion Partners, Village Ventures, DFJ Gotham and Draper Fisher Jurvetson. Join the PayPerPost Revolution at,

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