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July 31, 2007

PayPerPost Connects Advertisers and Bloggers with Facebook

PayPerPost, the leading marketplace connecting marketers with bloggers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and social networks, announced the launch of the PayPerPost for Facebook application.

With the launch, PayPerPost bloggers are able to view sponsored content opportunities they qualify for in the PayPerPost Marketplace from within their Facebook accounts. The opportunities are also displayed to anyone visiting that user's Facebook profile, providing bloggers an easy way to introduce PayPerPost to their friends.

PayPerPost advertisers can utilize the application to display and promote their sponsored content opportunities inside the Facebook community. As a result, Facebook users can act on those opportunities, giving advertisers another way to promote their brand with social media and reach an even larger base of consumer content creators.

"Enabling these kinds of connections is core to what PayPerPost is all about," said PayPerPost CEO, Ted Murphy. "We're committed to helping marketers and consumers build stronger and more direct relationships. This application makes it easy for these two groups to find each other within the massive Facebook network."

In addition to tight integration with the PayPerPost Marketplace, the Facebook application also leverages PayPerPost's Affiliate Program. Existing bloggers who sign up new bloggers from within Facebook will receive a $15 referral fee in accordance with the existing terms of the program.

To install the feature users simply login to their Facebook account, click the Edit applications link, browse for the PayPerPost application, click Add Application, and then click Link Application to associate the accounts. Existing PayPerPost users can simply login with their PayPerPost username and password. All others can immediately create a new account from within Facebook.

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